Ron Kozlowski
Ron has been combining his expertise in biology, new media and education to enhance the learning process since 1997. Working with Mary S. Tyler, he has created Multiple Educational CD-ROMs and DVDs including Vade Mecum, an interactive guide to Developmental Biology. His research focus is interaction design, object oriented code and applying creative ways to enhance the learning process. In 2004, Ron became the director of the Biology New Media Lab (BioMediaLab) where he teaches students how to build modular web applications, builds systems that enhance the learning process and is always pushing emerging technology to enhance interactive learning. The Brain Child and Engineer of Synapse, LCMS , he continues to push the technology to enhance the learning process.
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Andy Kay
Software Engineer
Seth Tyler
Faculty Advisor
Seth is faculty advisor for the BioMediaLab and helps with programming some minor parts (administrative, degree-progress, clicker- and bubble-sheet scoring) in Synapse and other Web applications. He was one of the original programmers for the first iteration of Synapse in 2006-2008 (grade book, quizzing engine, assignment-scheduling, rubrics, and group activities, etc.), but happily leaves the more complex descendants of these parts in the current Synapse to the professionals above. He is an invertebrate biologist and systematist and began dabbling in database management and Web-application programming for tracking the taxonomy and biogeography of the tiny invertebrates living between sand grains on which his lab work focuses.
Nick Dieffenbacher-Krall
Student Software Engineer
Enoch Lin
Student Programmer
Matthew Loewen
Student Programmer
Darria Hansen
SBE Website Editor/Writer - Student